What if?

What if you could take a deep breath and a good hard look at what's been driving the car in your life, that thing that you use to prove why the things you've dreamed about, the passions that once had you fling yourself out of bed in the morning and the hopes you used to have every ounce of faith would come true...fail?

What if that thing that stops you was actually your super power?

i recently watched the series Jessica Jones on NetFlix. Now, I've always had a thing for XMen. Mutants, that for some chemical or cosmic or unidentifiable reason have superpowers. They can heal on the spot. They are unbreakable.  They can jump really high or have extra human strength. They can see with X-ray vision or morph and hide like a chameleon. All those fantasies of a child, actually happening.

The thing about the XMen is "normal" folks are afraid of them so they label them as freaks and ostracize them. The XMen have pure hearts and go on to protect and save humanity time and again, no thanks needed. 

I mean, they are Demi-gods, really and...I relate to them. 

Do you?

Let's take a look at me. I've been dealing with a bit of a malaise around project: love, me, the harvest method becoming a voice and support to inspire and make real change and my overall capabilities and purpose. 

Why wasn't it working?

Why wasn't the momentum building?

Why does it seem like people are rolling their eyes and turning away?

Why does it seem like I'm the only one who believes in this...who believes in me?

Did I get this wrong?!?!

It seems so clear, like a spiritual download, an answer, the key to what has otherwise been missing for humanity to choose themselves as they are and to do what it takes to nurture, nourish, love and protect numero uno.

What the heck is in my way?

So, I took a deep breath and a good hard look at what was underneath all of this. What on earth or in the heavens could be holding me back and having my work and my message fall on deaf ears?

and then it came. 

The question was posed...What is your sacred wound, Rachel?  What is that thing that you see as a handicap that truly is your superhuman strength...and it clicked. 

I went way back in my autobiography and I remembered. 

I was born with a condition called WPWPAT and when I was 7 days old my heart stopped. I was literally born with a broken heart.

And you know what?

They shocked me and monitored me and shocked me again for weeks.  I wore a monitor until I was 2 and on and off in years since. They told my parents I probably wouldn't be able to exert myself for the rest of my life.

Instead, I was an absolute turbo kid who turned into a professional dancer and has truly seen life to be an expression of movement, nourishment and...I bet you can't guess...LOVE.

That "broken heart" was actually a heart CRACKED OPEN against all odds to live and THRIVE. It's quite literally my superpower.

It makes all the sense in the world why no one could hear me over my broken little heart. Now, my cracked open heart can share, be raw and let you in to the vulnerabilities that make me the powerhouse of a love bug I am. From that, I can inspire you to look at your "flaws" and realize they are your Demi-God qualities.

Rumi says, "the wound is where the light gets in". I believe it's where the light shines out. You are filled with a light that can only show vibrantly when you take the time to breathe and take a good hard look at you and your own, original, heavenly powers. 

why not start now?

❤️, me