Give To You, Give To Everyone

 I spent the weekend at two of my dearest friends' love fest of a three day wedding and I just can't help but feel inspired to be generous right now.  I got such a blast of love, fun, excitement, celebration and chosen family time.  That fueled me to further my belief that surrounding yourself with examples of true love, commitment, attention and joy is the key to your blossoming.  After you fill up, you share your overflow and then it comes back and builds higher and higher.  

We can ever expand in our love and care and honoring of ourselves and, thereafter and therefrom, one another.

Here are 10 easy ways you can give yourself love, attention and care,

1. Plan your morning.  Make sure there's time for an easy rise, 10 minutes to think/meditate/breath, a leisurely breakfast and getting ready to feel fortified for your day.  Getting ready isn't to look good.  It's to feel taken care of.  Practice on a day off to see exactly how much time that takes you.  Build it in to your day.

2. Take it positive information.  Choose an uplifting podcast (I like Ram Dass, Here and Now).  Read an empowering, nurturing book (How about The Art Of Happiness), listen to groovy beats  (plugging my girl Erica Rhone).  

3. If your thoughts go to a negative space, anxiety builds or you're feeling just plan rotten, Say the word "pivot", out loud and physically turn your body.

4. Make sure half of your plate is piled with veggies and is as colorful and a rainbow.  It appeals to your eyes and your heart.  We are a species dying to be stimulated.  Make meals a nourishing experience for all your senses.

5. Journal your dreams.  Write it down and make it real.  In your head is just a thought.  On paper its a creation.

6. Do what you say you're going to do. Having integrity with yourself builds your trust and your will to grow.

7. Buy yourself flowers.  Add color and freshness to a space in your home or office that your frequent.  Change up the ordinary.


9. Protect and heal your skin with natural products sans chemicals and additive.  Here's a site to help you become an expert.

10. Pay close attention to where you spend your money.  Money is energy.  Don't waste your energy on frivolous things you don't need.  If it truly is a necessity, it lets you express yourself fully or supports your growth, spend.  If not, don't.