Go And #momYourself [VIDEO]

Go And #momYourself [VIDEO]

Here's your exercise. 

Sit and close your eyes and just breathe. Counting your inhales and exhales for 3 minutes. 
Get settled in to your body. 
Become aware of all of the parts and processes it has and does. 
Thank it for those abilities and then start generating. 

What does the ideal mother look like act like and give to you?

How does she feed you?

How does she make you feel safe?

How does she build you up and give you confidence?

How does she listen?

How does she speak with you?

What does she teach you?

What does she let you learn yourself?

What does she take great care to protect you from?

Where does she let you have your own experience?

How often is she there for you?

What questions does she answer?

What does she do when you feel worn out, discouraged, anxious, sad, hopeless and all the other feelings you try to avoid?

What kind of friend is she?

What is she proud of?

What does she ask of you, for you to grow and be your best self?

How To Keep It Fresh [VIDEO]

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