“Hands down Rachel is brilliant in her field, wonderfully motivating, highly effective, warmhearted and hilarious!!”
— Anthony Illiano, co-founder of Buzzworthy.com
“I signed up for general health coaching, and finished my program with so much more than I expected. Not only do I have better eating habits for the long term, but I also feel much more balanced and energized. She doesn’t only focus on the food but sees your general well-being, and is able to identify your personal issues and fix them.

The reason why I am so satisfied of Rachel’s work is also because she made me feel very comfortable all along the way. She is bright, has such a glowing, positive energy, and made me feel very at ease talking about my fears. She helped me build a better confidence and became a real confidant.”
— Lucie B, marketing manager
“Rachel Harvest is the best of the best. I have known her for over a year now and her coaching has resulted in me getting amazing results for my life. Something which differentiates Rachel from other nutritionists is her training comes from many sources. Thus, she is able to truly customize her sessions to what the client needs, in that moment. She recognizes everyone’s needs are different, and is extremely personable and effective.

Rachel has helped me see my relationship to food is a direct reflection of how I treat myself. If you want a “quick fix” or someone who will give you a diet plan, Rachel is NOT the person to see. If you want to transform your life, with the idea that the source of the struggling relationship with food/diet is actually a deeper issue within yourself, then go see Rachel. In my personal experience, I was dealing with body dysmorphia, something up until meeting Rachel I just accepted as being the norm. After speaking with Rachel and doing exercises she provided me, I was able to LOVE my body and let go of the guilt I had every time I ate.

The results you will get from your sessions with Rachel will not fade over time; you will be able to take what she gives you and apply it to your nutrition and other important areas of your life. Well worth the price.”
— Dina Smirnova, reiki practitioner and yogi