I’m Rachel Harvest, i am a registered dietitian, behavioral health coach, certified pilates mat and apparatus instructor, writer and...the founder of The Harvest Method - focused life transformation coaching to support you to become your best self—the woman in you who achieves the highest level success in her work, leads with a confidence and courage, has deep intimacy in your relationships, lives a balanced life and is inspired, fulfilled and nourished physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—all with grace, confidence and true feminine power.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade as a student of all aspects of what it is to be well.  Through academia, personal development work, spiritual practices and therapeutic modalities, I’ve turned my life around and want nothing more that to give what I’ve gotten to others.

I’ve found that, as a woman, beyond taking care, you have to find purpose in yourself, practice gratitude for who you are and connect deeply to your feminine energy/qualities to be able to live a balanced, successful life in the current world.  I’ve developed a deep understanding of what that takes and have chosen to bring all of that education, practice and experience to my coaching through The Harvest Method. 

Benefits of The Harvest Method Coaching

Work/Life Balance

    • CEO/goddess - achieve with ease without missing a beat on having your needs met
    • bring who you are, your femininity and self expression to all you do.  
    • connect with yourself to find inspiration and the resilience to keep going.  
    • quit hiding your light and going unnoticed.
    • accomplish, achieve, grow and get that deserved acknowledgment.

Successful Relationships

    • create professional and personal relationship dynamics that demand respect and love.
    • get the support you need to succeed and grow without doubt or force.
    • stop doing it all alone.  
    • learn to develop trust, form solid collaborations and create purposeful success, giving you fulfillment in your work and play.

Strong Sense of Self 

    • increase your self-worth and confidence in how you look, what you have, what you’re planning and, most importantly, who you are.  
    • have the guts to do what you truly want and to ask for (and receive) what you truly need.

In order to be fulfilled, present and joyful in your life, you have to connect with and celebrate YOU.  Working The Harvest Method makes that happen for you.

Be nourished.  Be moved. Succeed.  Find balance.  Sustain yourself.  Thrive…with The Harvest Method. 


I graduated from New York University with a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition. In order to obtain the RD credential, I completed my dietetic internship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, NY.

I have been actively involved in clinical research, am a published journal author, and am appointed as Clinical Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist for Present, Chapman, Marion, Steinlauf, and Lichtiger, one of New York City's most reknowned Gastroenterology practices and have partnered with CLAY Health Club & Spa, Ford Models, mend aftercare, lw wellness and others.  I write articles for sivana east and wellseek and have guested on podcasts, radio shows and youtube.

I was certified to teach Pilates Mat and Apparatus by the Kane School of Core Integration in 2007 and have upheld a small client book for the past 11 years.  My pilates education and skills allowed me to heal the broken ballerina body i had and gave me insight and attention to healing and finding movement that moves my clients and myself.

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Ontology as the basis of much of my coaching. I also have experience coaching Training and Development programs. 

Please Call (415) 993-1535 or contact me here to book an appointment.